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Loyalty programs are needed in every industry. Customers always want to feel appreciated. Whether you are running a hair salon, clothing store, or managing a big shopping mall. We have the customer loyalty app that fits your business.

Why StampTie

Your complete marketing solution for your customer reward program

Reward your loyal customers and generate guaranteed revenue

Personalized selling approach. Trendy marketing strategy, seller and buyer interaction, marketplace communication. Salesperson offers goods to customer. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustration

Design your own Reward Cards with your name and branding

Publish offers directly to your customers

3 Steps to your growth journey

1. Set up Reward Stamp

  • Register your business with us
  • Issue a digital reward card to your loyal customer

2. Know your customers

  • Track customer visits
  • Communicate with your customers

3. Get increased revenue

  • Retain more customer
  • Achieve healthy business growth

We specialize in developing tailored loyalty and rewards platforms

Leveraging our advanced technology in loyalty and rewards, we collaborate closely with businesses and organizations to empower their brands in incentivizing and appreciating recurring customer engagement.

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